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Project Description

Thomas Hamilton & Associates renovated 2916 West Marshall, the Carter Brother's Hauling Company in 2018 to transform the space fom a modified 1935 warehouse into two creative office suites rich in industrial charm.  Our design team consulted the original 1935 plans, found at the Library of Virginia, in order to restore the office spaces, windows and original fenestrations to their original form.  We salvaged windows where possible and had replica windows installed where the originals had been lost.  The original overhead door opening on the Charter Brother's Hauling Co. warehouse was reopened and a stationary door was installed to give the spae its original well-lit grandeur.  On the interior, a concrete block wall that seperated the previouse office and warehouse was removed to open up the space as it would have appreared in the thirties.  Our design stripped away much of the 1970-1980 modifications of the building including dividing partitions, a CMU dividing wall, and restrooms.  We restored a mid-twentieth century tin ceiling that was uncovered during the construction process and designed unique accents such as the staircase featuring airline wire railing for an industrious and functional adaptive reuse space.  Industrial accents inspired by the historic Scott's Addition neighborhood.